Clear+Brilliant Skin @ Hackett Holistic Health | Allure Magazine Outlines Modern Beauty Techniques offers the best and latest in clean beauty products ranging from clear brilliant and permea laser rejuvenation to Skin Blessing serums, non-toxic BeautyCounter products, and Fusion mesodermal injections and transdermal treatments. Powerful beauty maintenance from natural sources.
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Allure Magazine Outlines Modern Beauty Techniques


Allure Magazine Outlines Modern Beauty Techniques


llure magazine dishes on Clear + Brilliant, “as a gentle, low-energy Fraxel that visibly improves tone and texture by creating microscopic wounds in the skin that spur new collagen growth. At several hundred dollars a session, it’s a costly way to capture a glow but worth it to some. “I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life,” says Maria Maio, a makeup artist in New York City who decided to try the Clear + Brilliant as an alternative to artfully perfecting her skin each morning. Now, Maio says, she’s out the door after a casual swirl of mineral powder.” Would this simple AM routine entice you, too?

Clear+Brilliant mini-Fraxal treatments are an investment in your future beauty. The effects tend to be cumulative and long-lasting. Many of my patients buy three packs of treatments when I’m running a special opportunity to get flash-sale bargain rates on this sought after treatment in the celebrity set.

See the results after even the first treatment alone. If you already have good skin and want to maintain firm, dewy-soft skin, oftentimes three treatments per year are enough. Mention this article and get three for $899! ($1200 value)

Read the full Allure Magazine article by clicking this link

Stave off those hints of aging creeping in…slight sag at the jaw line (C+B checks that), crows feet (checked), “elevens” between your brows (checked), dull dryness making you look tired? Yes, Clear+Brilliant is brilliant for checking that too.

The protocol includes all natural lidocaine prep and follow up. I also send you on your way with a slip of a layer of Beautycounter’s light and fabulous non-toxic sunscreen to protect that new baby-soft layer of skin brightening your beautiful mug!