Clear+Brilliant Skin @ Hackett Holistic Health | Clear+Brilliant: Event-Ready Beauty Secret of the Stars offers the best and latest in clean beauty products ranging from clear brilliant and permea laser rejuvenation to Skin Blessing serums, non-toxic BeautyCounter products, and Fusion mesodermal injections and transdermal treatments. Powerful beauty maintenance from natural sources.
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Clear+Brilliant: Event-Ready Beauty Secret of the Stars

Clear+Brilliant: Event-Ready Beauty Secret of the Stars

“Confused about lasers? When it comes to skin care, we are too. Let’s just say we can count on one hand what we know for sure about these treatments: one, they can do wonders for the skin by evening tone, fading hyper-pigmentation, and reducing acne scars. Two, derms who serve the A-list, such as Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald in Los Angeles, tell us that their better-known clients count laser treatments as a must-do before big events. (Though many celebs stay mum on the subject, Khloe Kardashian is one who has publicly declared her love for lasers.)” says Stylecaster.

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Look great everyday with the easy maintenance or “prejuvenation” treatment, Clear+Brilliant/Permea. No downtime, fast 20-minute treatment, and all natural prep and follow-up support your skin for a dewy-soft glow even your partner will notice. My patients chuckle at this, but are surprised when they come home and hear “did you do something to your skin? I can really see a difference!”

Minimize fine lines, fade dark spots, firm your skin and promote collagen production with thousands of mini channels of light. Dr. Hackett uses aloe-based lidocaine for your comfort and prep with Italian rose water. Your treated skin gets the same gentle care that you would give a baby’s new skin. She uses a homeopathic anti-inflammatory gel, her own signature 100% organic serum (Skin Blessing), and finish with Beautycounter’s non-toxic sunscreen. If you are looking for powerful, holistic medicine treatments for your most visible asset, you’re in the right place.

Contact Dr. Hackett with any of your questions. She will be happy to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.