Clear+Brilliant Skin @ Hackett Holistic Health | Kim Kardashian Loves Clear+Brilliant offers the best and latest in clean beauty products ranging from clear brilliant and permea laser rejuvenation to Skin Blessing serums, non-toxic BeautyCounter products, and Fusion mesodermal injections and transdermal treatments. Powerful beauty maintenance from natural sources.
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Kim Kardashian Loves Clear+Brilliant

Kim Kardashian Loves Clear+Brilliant

Kim Kardashian West

relies upon her natural beauty to get her message out. Maintaining youthfulness has become as much of a symbol of good health as having a toned physique. Clear+Brilliant treatments (both the original treatment and Permea) fit into the whole-health holistic criteria for easy, refreshed skin tone.

Ask Dr. Hackett about her unique treatment protocol of all natural beauty: rose water cleansing and toning, aloe-based lidocaine prep, homeopathic anti-inflammatory gel coupled with her proprietary skin serum to finish your treatment experience. She also has a peptide-based non-toxic alternative to botox. Dr. Hackett’s Fusion BTX meso treatment is also effective since it works with your body’s natural processes to give your skin a smother more youthful appearance.

When you bring both Clear+Brilliant together with Fusion meso treatments, you have a winning combination of safe, clean beauty maintenance without the nasty side effects. The only thing that shows is a vibrant, youthful you, not that you’ve had ‘work’ done.

If you’ve had Botox and want to try an alternative approach, this treatment program will work for you too.

NASHVILLE, TN – JUNE 02: Kim Kardashian West attends the Hype Energy Drinks U.S. Launch on June 2, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage) Hype Energy Drinks U.S. Launch 2015 John Shearer
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Click the link below to read the People magazine article where Kim candidly discusses her beauty regime and favorite treatments.

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